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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Pulpitty pulp-pulp!

Seven, Seventy One published fairly basic girlie slicks before the name changed to Seven Seventy a few years later. The earlier mags from Seven, Seventy One were more often than not published without dates until they started including them in the indicia sometime in 1965, right before they changed their name to Seven Seventy. There were rarely any credits for the editor or staff and when a story or article was credited it was more than likely a pseudonym. For example in Lusty v2 #1 1966, Sy London is listed as the editor and Richard Rank as the art director, who was listed as Dick Rank in a few other Seven Seventy mags.

In 1965 they became Seven Seventy Publishers and the look of their mags started to change also. The graphics and blurbs got bigger, bolder, hipper, and wackier. Another of their particular quirks was occasionally reusing captions, sometimes under photos where they made no sense!


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